5 tips to get more great eggs in Ester Alaska using Automatic Chicken Feeders

Get more eggs in Ester AK with the use of the best Automatic Chicken Feeders in Alaska

Keeping chickens in Ester AK is an awesome thing to do and you can get a lot of pleasure out of it especially if you get a good supply of great rich colored eggs. The free range chickens that you keep at home really are a very different hen from the battery birds that are commonly farmed for meat and egg production in Alaska. The economics of scale have required that the profitable production of chicken meat and eggs has to come from the large caged chicken farms that are efficient and have lower costs than small farmers. They can provide relatively cheap products, however there is a rapidly growing demand for much better quality from consumers in Alaska as well as a demand for better tasting food that can readily be gained from having free range chickens that can be housed at home in Ester.

Chicken Feeders in Ester AK



If you want to get a consistent supply of great tasting eggs follow these five key tips to ensure that you keep your chickens happy in Ester AK

Chickens do need a certain amount of the right food to produce eggs regularly, and grain is an essential need. If you invest in a good quality outdoor Chicken Feeder you will find it key to consistent production of great eggs.

  • Firstly when chickens start to lay they will give on average two eggs every three days but if they do not get the right conditions they will go off the lay and may not start to lay eggs for some time so you need to keep a good constant supply of food available to them. An auto Chicken Feeder will keep a constant supply of necessary food on demand for the hens ensuring that they keep laying. A large Chicken Feeder that keeps their bowl full all the time is also very convenient for you. You will only need to refill it every now and then, depending on how many chickens you have and how large the feeder is.
  • Chickens are recognized to be notorious wasters of food for they scratch the ground a lot and are messy. They also toss their heads sideways as they eat, causing food to go flinging far and wide.  Purchasing and installing the top quality, very best Chicken Feeder that will allow only the chickens to feed at, will save you a lot of money on purchased grain and this is a very cost effective unit to include in your chicken farm.
  • If you allow your chicken feed to sit in a tray or open container, it is liable to be contaminated from a few sources. One is that the chickens like to hop up on top of things to roost or perch for safety. From there, they defecate. As happens, when they jump up onto your food dish or feeder they will invariably defecate into their food. This can cause problems in that they can get sick, and possibly die, from the bacterial contamination.
  • If you scatter their food onto the ground you will find that water can get into it when it rains, if your coop leaks. The mold and bacteria that grow can kill your animals. Not only that the chickens will avoid eating it and so you will waste too much. A waterproof Chicken Feeder will also save you feed and money. One of the problems of keeping chickens in Ester AK is that there are rodents around that are attracted to the chickens and the food they may have. A rodent proof Chicken Feeder will discourage them from coming around and also attracting other predators
  • A good metal Chicken Feeder keeps the chickens food enclosed and allows only enough room for the chickens to have only their beaks or heads in. They cannot put their feet in so that eliminates the opportunity of them scratching and scattering everything, causing waste. They also need to trigger the lid allowing access stopping other birds from taking the food.

Find more good information on chickens in Alaska

There are many great information resources available in both hardcover books in Ester and e-books online and these are very good reference libraries that will help you to solve any problems that may arise.

You will find that it is relatively easy to manage your chickens and get a regular supply of eggs but buying the best auto Chicken Feeder in Ester AK will ensure you hens lay the maximum amount of great quality rich eggs.